Our Work

In Indonesia, only 30% (or 7500 sqm) of Coral Reef survived. At the same time, only a few people are involved in restoring their coral reefs and protecting their shorelines. We would like to see communities across Indonesia engaged in protecting and restoring coral reefs so these underwater ecosystems can thrive in the future. With the help of generous supporters like you, we’re getting closer every day.


People engaged in coral restoration and shore protection


Square kilometres area of coral restoration


Kilometers of beach restored from erosion


Villages/ Island in Indonesia

How We Work

We work with communities, government, universities and private sectors, to create a sustainable cycle of impact.


Proving Our Impact

We use scientific approaches to measure the impact both on the ocean and on the community in the village. You can find all of our projects on the map above.


Stories From the Ocean

When people are involved in restoring coral and protecting shorelines, they are happy and ready to share their inspiring experiences. Their stories of ingenuity and perseverance are examples for us all.

Sustainability: Keep The Corals Thriving

We strive to create a sustainable cycle of impact. Coral needs years and decades to heal. That is why we create a partnership with local businesses by empowering youth and women in the village and small islands so the local economy can grow while protecting their corals.

Support Sustainable Local Business and Coral