The Reef

Join our group of baby coral adopters, creating a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, this program is unavailable now. We are working on upgrading this program. Follow us on social media and read our newsletter while we share our progress!

What will I get by joining The Reef?


Coral Card

Coral Card is our token of appreciation for you or anyone to whom you dedicate this card to. You will receive it via e-mail by 14 working days at the latest after you join The Reef. You can proudly show it in your social media or print and hang it in your wall to inspire others following your steps in saving coral reefs!

News and Activities

As a member of The Reef, you will receive special newsletters that we periodically send via email to let you know about our progress and remind you how important your contribution is.
In addition, we will also invite you to several activities such as member meetings, special discussions with our expert team, and so on.
We hope to make you proud and smile every day


Pictures of Baby Coral

For Each Baby Coral you adopted, we send you their pictures at the beginning of adoption and each of their birthdays.

When Will my Baby Coral Installed?


Earth Day

Any final donation for regular donation received between December until March, the baby corals will be transplanted during Earth Day Moment, which celebrated every April 22nd. 



World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is commemorated every June 8th. Any final donation for regular donation received between April until May, the baby corals will be transplanted during World Ocean Day Moment.  



Any final donation for regular adoption received between June until October, the baby corals will be transplanted in November so you can present your Christmas Gift on December 25th. 

You belong here

This incredible community is composed of generous, passionate, and determined people—like you—from more than 10 countries around the world. They’re world changers and history makers. And you’re going to fit right in.

I use my birthday gift money to adopt baby coral because it’s a pity that the fish in the sea don’t have a home.”

Nadine Leanna

6th Grade, Elementary student

I was very happy when I received the certificate and photo of the baby coral that I adopted. Start small, but I can contribute to real action to save corals”

Christina Sugihwati

Gluten Free Bakery Entrepreneur

I dont know how to contribute to environments especially underwater since my background is not environment engineering, oceanology, etc. This adoption program gives me a role. Even I can use this for a gift.

Alfiana A. Rosyadi


Frequently Asked Question

  1. After you complete the donation and complete the data, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from [email protected]
  2. Our team will send an adoption certificate of note via e-mail within 14 working days.
  3. Our field team will install your name according to a predetermined schedule. We will install the regular adoption baby coral on Earth Day, World Ocean Day, Christmas Gifts, and Express Adoption 1 month after you complete the payment.
  4. No later than 14 working days since your baby coral is installed, our team will again send a photo of the baby coral with the name you choose to install.
  5. Our field team will take care of baby coral for one year.
  6. We will send a photo of the baby coral as it approaches one year and sends an invitation to you to extend the adoption period for the next period via e-mail.

When we first started adopting baby coral, we wanted to give our supporters the best by doing a transplant in the following month.
However, coral transplantation activities in the sea and diving sometimes face various obstacles. It takes a long time to coordinate with multiple parties so that your baby coral can be installed. We also want to use your donation effectively and efficiently to restore coral reefs.
We hope to involve more community groups throughout Indonesia, especially those whose livelihoods depend on the sea. We must allocate more time to ensure we can do this.

  • Regular adoption of the installation of baby corals is carried out at the moment of Earth Day, World Oceans Day, and Christmas gifts.
  • Express adoption of baby coral installation is carried out one month after payment of donations, and complete information is received.

We currently accept payments as follows:

Donations in Rupiah/IDR:

  • Checked Automatically: Payment with GoPay, and Bank Transfer Virtual Account to BNI, Mandiri, BRI, and Permata Bank Accounts
  • Checked Manually: Bank Transfer to BNI, Mandiri, BRI, Permata Bank, CIMB, and Maybank Accounts

Donate in US$:

  • Auto Checked: Payment by Paypal or Credit Card

Our team and field partners have estimated the distance between the baby corals to be able to embed your name and how many characters to make your name visible during installation.

We will send your baby coral photo no later than 14 working days after the baby corals and your names are installed.

Please write the name of the certificate and the desired baby coral in the comments column when making an order/payment.

Use the example below when needed.

Name on certificate: …………, ……….. (if more than one certificate, use a comma)

Names in baby coral: ………, ……… (each word is a maximum of eight/8 characters. If more than 1, use a comma)

To receive your baby coral updates in the following years, extend the adoption one year before it expires. Our team will send you a reminder via e-mail. Please ensure the registered e-mail is active and you access it frequently.

Our field team and field partners will do their utmost to care for the baby corals and keep them alive. However, sometimes many factors affect the survival of baby corals and are beyond the control of our team. Weather, pollution, predators, socio-political factors, and so on can affect the baby coral and our team’s performance.

Our program team selects locations and implementing partners for baby coral adoption based on needs, community readiness, and the possibility of sustainability. We hope the baby corals you adopt genuinely benefit other marine creatures and the community from generation to generation. Before installation, we will announce the installation location of baby coral for regular adoption via our social media.

We recommend that you adopt a baby coral for at least three (3) years so that the baby coral can grow into a solid and robust coral reef.

We are happy to help you visit the baby coral that you have adopted. Please coordinate with our team to plan your visit by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Of course. You can even give the certificate and photo of the baby coral as a gift to the person you choose.

You can also hold a campaign if you want to do gotong royong or crowd funding with your colleagues or community. Please contact us for more information via e-mail to [email protected]