Get Involved

No matter how old you are, where you live, or whether or not you can give, you can help create a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community in Indonesia—and you can start right now.

Involve in Science

How fast can coral grow? How much do fishermen make in a day after coral reefs grow? If you are interested on science (and probably “curious” is your middle name), let’s join Indonesian youth in the citizen scientist movement that will help us measure our impact on coral restoration.

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Baby Coral Nursery di Biorock Indonesia, Pemuteran-Bali

Join the Reef

Making a monthly or annual donation to adopt coral is the most helpful thing you can do to ensure the corals thrive for generations.

Join the Reef

Involve in Community

Do you believe providing local children and youth education on the marine environment is essential in coral conservation? Or maybe you’d like to empower women on coastal or small islands? Learn more about how you help create a strong community for generations in the coral restoration area.

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Experience it yourself!

Anyone is welcome to join our coral restoration projects directly on our site or through our website. Let’s prepare to see clearer, learn deeper, and understand better!

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Partner With Us

We work closely with our Brand Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact on the world.


Sponsor a Project

By sponsoring a project, you’ll help create a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community for now and generations to come to an entire community group or village.


Develop Your Own Project

Whether you’d like to create your coral restoration project in your area or need our assistance advising your current project, we are more than delighted to help you create a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community for now and future generations.