Our Story

Since its initiation in 2015, Biorock Indonesia (BI) has been focusing on building the proper standards for the implementation of its technology in Indonesia. The organization has developed two key programs, including assistance for partner organization in Biorock development and public engagement through volunteering, internship, and research programs.

So far, Biorock Indonesia has developed 16 projects sites located in 8 provinces of Indonesia, including Bali, North Sulawesi, Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, West Sumatera, Lampung, and DKI Jakarta, and has reached several national and international governmental level milestones.

Partnership with UNDP Indonesia in Blue Economy Execution

[2017] Invited as The UN Ocean Conference Speaker in New York

[2019] Invited as The UN Ocean Day UNESCAP

Prawita Tasya Karissa

Executive Director & Co-founder

Tasya has been involved with Biorock since 2003 when she got the opportunity to study the Biorock technology directly from the inventors, Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau. Her university thesis on Application of Biorock to Pearl Oyster Juvenile, Pinctada Maxima was presented worldwide during a conference organized by the Society Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico in 2011. Her research was also published in “Innovative Methods of Marine Restoration”.

Apart from Biorock, she also has a strong background in climate change as she worked as a Consultant for Clean Development Mechanism for five years. She is also an expert in community involvement strategy and managing Non-Profit organizations. Tasya worked previously at the Child Protection NGO and Bird Conservation Foundation in administration and management capacities. Presently, she leads all Biorock Indonesia’s projects, in conjunction with her team and partners, from survey to planning and from installation to maintenance.

Tasya is an advocate for women empowerment and equality. As a leader and a mother of three young children, she would sometimes carry her kids in her projects to involve them even at a very young age.


Tasya Karissa - Founder Biorock

Prawita Tasya Karissa
Co-Founder & EXEC. Director

Komang Astika - Biorock Team

Komang Astika
Board of Expert & Co-Founder

Beginer Subhan - Biorock Team

Dr. Beginer Subhan S.Pi M.Si
Board of Expert & Co-Founder

Hawis Maddupa - Biorock Team

Dr. rer. nat Hawis Madduppa S.Pi, M.Si
Board of Expert & Co-Founder

Ricky Soerapoetra
Board of Expert & Co-Founder

Dewa Koming - Biorock Team

I Dewa Nym Putra Yasa
Adm & Finance Officer