Biorock Indonesia Share Island Solutions and Innovations at AIS BIS Conference

How to solve challenges faced by Archipelagic and Island States, such as Destroyed Coral Reef, Eroded Beach, and Sea Levels Rise, and simultaneously help Coastal Communities?

Prawita Tasya Karissa, the Executive Director and Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia, shares the 20 years of experience of Biorock in Indonesia as one of the answers.

Together with Other speakers: H.E. Rakotonirina Léon Jean Richard, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Madagascar; Dr Ir. Nyoman Radiarta, M.Sc, Head of Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources Agency of the Republic of Indonesia; Joost Noordermeer from Witteveen Bos Indonesia (Ecoshape project), Tasya share Ideas for Island Solutions and Innovations on December 5th 2022, in Nusa Dua, Bali.

She mentioned four crucial points for Archipelagic and Island States in solving Archipelago and Island state challenges.

  1. Start Sustainability Funding in Mind. Restoration is a growth mindset and action: planet, people, and profit.
  2. Listen well to collaborate. Listen to others’ needs, including those often left behind: the vulnerable and marginal community. No one should be left behind in this movement. 
  3. Have a clear and quantifiable impact target. We should be brave to achieve how many coral reefs and beaches will be restored instead of how many are built and then left them.
  4. Use Technology to provide an innovative solution.
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About AIS Forum and Blue Innovation Solution Conference

Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) across the globe face numerous unique yet shared development opportunities and challenges mainly attributed to their distinct geographies, separate from mainland nations. Moreover, many of the obstacles AIS countries are confronted with globally pertinent existential threats but have a higher impact on AIS countries due to geographic vulnerabilities, including issues such as climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and overall marine sustainability.

Archipelagic and Island States are well-versed in ecosystems, particularly the oceans. Similarly, the economic and innovation ecosystems are just as fragile and dynamic therefore requiring an urgent need for development strategy in these regions. In the face of these challenges, the need for positive and rapid transformations by private companies in their operations and design and the government charged with

responding to national and international economic pressures is more critical than ever. For The past decade, we’ve seen the dramatic growth of start-up ecosystems around the AIS countries. The similar challenges they face has brought new opportunity for these entrepreneurs to find innovation and unique solutions to solve their problem. Together, they tackle both the upstream and downstream causation of climate change. They also begin to acknowledge the potential locked in their oceans, its actual value is realized and brought to fruition as more excellent marine-related opportunities reveal themselves through innovation. Digital innovation poses solutions for the AIS Forum to wade into previously unchartered territories of the blue economy. Digitalization is one of the primary keys to speeding up development and enabling better use of resources. Yet it is also one of the biggest challenges faced by the AIS countries. The additional challenges range from infrastructure to resource constraints; nonetheless, many island states have overcome these challenges by boosting their digital connectivity and telecommunications networks AIS Forum concentrates our attention on an often overlooked yet powerful force in the business world. Through the AIS Blue Hub and Joint Research program, we provide a platform for startups, businesses, researchers, MSME’s, women, youth, and persons with disabilities who are drivers of change in our societies to dive in and play their crucial roles in finding innovative solutions.

In providing a platform for productive discussion and exchange of ideas among islanders, the AIS Forum will conduct the Blue Innovation Solution conference to empower these fantastic innovators who focus on sustainability, climate change, and the blue economy. This event will further discuss the strategic solution by the innovators, researchers, and local champions and highlight women’s role in climate action and sustainability. Emphasizing what stakeholders could do to further boost innovators’ capacity in blue economy action.

To learn more about AIS Forum you can visit their website here.

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