Baby Coral Adoption


Adopting a Baby Coral is giving your donation to ensure ONE baby coral will thrive in ONE year.  In return you will receive :

  1. Online certificate
  2. Photos of your name (8 character) next to your adopted baby coral: before and after one year
  3. Photos of a Biorock Garden where your adopted baby coral is attached

We will send the certificates and photos by end of the following month. It means if you purchase adoption on April 5th, you will receive the certificate and photos by end of May.

**For payment with Indonesia rupiah (IDR) please click here 

How many baby corals you’d like to adopt? Just put the numbers below and click add to basket.


  • Share the photos in your social media to encourage your friends & family adopting baby corals too 
  • Join our Team as Biorock Gardener Volunteer 
  • Introduce us to a company you know who is interested in adopting a Biorock Garden, as a home for coral babies!