Adopt a Baby Coral – One Time

Rp 500.000

Restoring coral reefs can be done by anyone, no matter how old (or young) and where you live. It can be a gift for anyone you care about! (Adoption cost is equal to US$ 34 for each coral.)

Please check the full description of the adoption below.

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About Baby Coral Adoption
Despite being busy at work and battling daily traffic jams, there is always a sense of concern in our hearts to make a better marine environment in the future, especially for our children, so that one day they can still dive and see the beauty of coral reefs when they grow up.

Without having to go anywhere, and regardless of your age, you can still get involved in the effort to restore coral reefs in Indonesia through Adopt a Baby Coral!

What You Get

  • Coral Card (digital certificate) for your baby coral adoption – maximum two weeks after we receive your first donation.
  • Name to be placed on the baby coral
  • Photo and Video of the name and baby coral adoption – Received one month after installation.
  • Photo and Video of name and baby coral by one year (2024)
  • Regular updates on recovery activities via e-mail.

How Long to Adopt a Baby Coral?
We recommend that each baby coral be adopted for at least three years (36 months) for the baby coral to fully grow into a strong coral reef and our field implementation partners to grow into stronger organizations that can continue to restore corals sustainably.

Currently, you only need to pay for the first year of Adoption, and we hope you will continue for years two and three when we send reminders each year.

How do I determine the name written on the Certificate and the one installed on the Baby Coral?
Our team will contact you regarding these details after you make your donation. Generally, we provide 1 Certificate that can be written with your name OR someone else’s name, for example, Savira Kanna Adiputra. The name on Baby Coral can only be attached to 1 (one) word consisting of a maximum of 8 characters, for example, Savira or Rihanna.

What will my donation go towards?
With hundreds of baby coral adopters from more than 10 countries, the funds raised will be used for coral reef restoration programs in a location in collaboration with our implementing partners. The funds raised will be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes. The use of funds will still adjust to the needs of each coral restoration location.

  • Coral fragment (seedling) costs, including transportation and paperwork
  • Dive costs for routine maintenance such as brushing, searching for coral predators, and documenting growth.
  • For example, the costs of securing coral reef recovery sites for routine patrols.
  • Costs of measuring environmental impacts (by diving) and socioeconomic impacts by community interviews.
  • Costs to build sustainability such as needs assessments, education for children and youth about coral reefs, and technical training.
  • Mobilization costs include tickets, vehicle rental, vehicle repairs, fuel, food, and lodging.
  • Involved team costs include program management, marine biologists, community empowerment experts, divers, dive tube carriers, technicians, cleaners, electricians-mechanics, boat drivers, car drivers, community trainers, and coral reef restoration specialists.
  • Program support costs include accountants, grant managers, documentation, communications, facilities and office admin, computers, phones, space rental, maintenance, utilities, and insurance.

Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mail at [email protected] and via WhatsApp