Be an Inspiration for Others on Earth Day 2022

“Join hundreds of others who support the coral restoration effort to co-create a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community for now and generations to come”


If you don’t know how to contribute to the environment especially underwater on Earth Day Celebration, you will find your role through the option of activities in this event. You can even use it as a gift for someone else meaningful to you.



(Healthy Ocean, Remarkable Us)

 Without coral reefs, people will have no seafood supply, no new medicine to cure disease, houses and buildings collapse from erosion, and no jobs for people who live in seashore areas. A Healthy Coral Reef means a stronger community, supply of meals, medicine, house protection and income for people. This is the moment to change it all — and how we take action together. Now is the time for the unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, families, and livelihoods.

LAUT SEHAT KITA HEBAT is a registered Earth Day Event on organized by Biorock Indonesia by combining online campaigns, fundraising, and offline activities. We would like to invite you, remarkable people, to become the inspiration for others through #Investincoral #Investinourplanet

Our Target

100 Baby corals adopted

100 Baby Coral Adopted in Pemuteran Village, Bali, in one month campaign period.

100.000 people aware

100.000 people aware of the importance of coral reef restoration in two months campaign and distribution

Raise fund IDR 200.000.000

Raise fund IDR 200.000.000 (USD 14.000) to support our work in one-month campaign

#Investinourplanet #Investinbabycoral #onecoralatatime


Sponsor A Short Documentary Film

Inspire film viewers with your company logo or your name written in a thank you credit of a Short Documentary film, with target reach at least 100.000 people. You can also have the chance for your company name installed in Biorock Structures, and receive an Earth day themed certificate, including the photo and video of baby corals adopted on behalf of your company.

The film will be uploaded by May 10th 2022 to Biorock Indonesia and our community partner’s Youtube channel or other social media channels. The film will highlight the importance, and challenges of coral reef restoration, and how inspiring people like you can help us. Footages of our restoration projects, Earth Day Events, and interviews with some of our supporters will be used in this film. You can support this activity by joining us as our sponsor.

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Baby Coral Adoption

You can have your name or your company’s name created in handmade metal names attached in the biorock structures and get TWO earth day themed certificates (for you and a gift to someone else). You will receive photos and videos by end of May at the latest. Your provided donation will help baby corals thrive for one year and provide additional income for the local community in Pemuteran Village, Bali.

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Earth Day Campaign

Do you feel that no one is listening to you about marine environment issues? This is your chance to send your voice on #EarthDay, and we will help to amplify it.

Our colleagues and organisation partners will be in Nusa Dua, Bali on Earth Day to raise your voice and seek solutions together. Your voices will also be amplified through a blog, social media posts, press releases, and a short documentary film.

Click below to send your voice through message, photo or video, or if you are already in BALI, you can join our waitlist to participate in the offline campaign.

Event Partners

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