Indonesia is the home of the largest collection of 569 coral reef species, and contributes to 17% of the world’s coral reef. More than 36% of them were destroyed. Biorock Indonesia and partners have been working for 20 years, and every year 3000 baby corals are transplanted and nurtured by our team and volunteers.

Covid 19 has stopped many businesses and  people movements that reduce the donation and field volunteers. It also became News Headlines which might act as decoy for decision makers creating deals damaging coral reefs. These baby corals need help to survive and thrive. 

Let’s connect around the world to save the reefs

 Without coral reefs, people will have no seafood supply, no medicine to cure disease, houses and buildings collapse from erosion, and no jobs for people. 

A Healthy Coral Reef means stronger community, supply of meals, medicine, house protection and income for people.

Our Programs

Biorock Talks

3 English Webinar and 1 Indonesian Webinar to enhance your knowledge about corals 


  Join our campaign #1coralatatime and be part of the change now! 


In depth workshop about corals to deepen your understanding. Limited seat available

Baby Coral Adoption

Adopting a Baby Coral is giving your donation to ensure ONE baby coral will thrive in ONE year


Adopt A Baby Coral 


Prawira Tasya Karissa

Co-Founder & Excecutive Director Biorock Indonesia


Dr. Abdul Wahib Situmorang

Senior Advisor of Climate and Natural Resource Governance in UNDP Indonesia

Farwiza Farhan

Founder & Chairperson HAkA Foundation, Environment Activist & Scuba Diver

Bowo Witjaksono Suhardjo, Ir., CFP, ChFC, QFE, WMI

Business Sherpa, Investment/Product Consultant, Indo Sterling Aset Manajemen

Noer Kasanah, PhD

Lecturer & Assistant Professor in Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture Gadjah Mada University

Dr. Hawis Madduppa

Associate Professor in  the Department of Marine Science and Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia

Dr. Andreas A Hutahaean

Deputy Director for Marine Conservation & Small Islands Management at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, the Republic of Indonesia

Ricky Soerapoetra

Co-Founder of Biorock Indonesia, Dive Instructor, an entrepreneur, the Chairman  Of Indonesian Divers Community & Chairman of the Indonesian Dive Industry Association

Komang Astika

Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia, Dive Instructor & Homestay Owner

Kaka Slank

Musician, Scuba Diver & Marine Activist

Prita Laura

Journalist & Presenter, Communication Trainner, Deputy Chief Of Pandu Laut Nusantara 

Beginer Subhan

Lecturer in the Department of Marine Science and Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, IPB. Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia

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