Experience Biorock Indonesia

See Clearer, Learn Deeper, Understanding Better

Biorock Experience is an educational tour for the public regarding the conservation and rehabilitation of coral reefs with Biorock technology.
This Educational Tourism consists of two activities include:

  • Guided Snorkle
  • Introduction to the Biorock Technology

Through direct activities, guests can see more clearly, learn more, and understand better about community-based coral reef rehabilitation with Biorock technology.

This program is a joint partnership between Biorock Indonesia, a local Accommodation Business, and a Local Tour Guide where tourism will promote local economic growth so that conservation is maintained to protect the current and future generations of coral reefs. You can participate by involving your company as an activity participant. Contact us for further information.

I dived on Biorock and was really impressed by the way the project uses power (main solar and wind) to stimulate the coral growth on really interesting, artistic structures. This place is a superb example of art, science and conservation working together.