Biorock Garden is an effort to improve the rehabilitation of coral reefs with Biorock technology so that coral reefs can grow faster, stronger, and healthier in the defense of human activities as well as climate change. Each baby will be cared for by the gardener team in the nursery area for two months, then ready to be installed into the Biorock Garden.

Scholar Reef is an opportunity for future coral protectors, namely students, to be able to develop their scientific capabilities in the field of conservation.

Biorock Experience is s public educational tour about the conservation and rehabilitation of coral reefs with Biorock technology.
This Educational Tourism consists of two activities include:

Guided Snorkle

Introduction of  Biorock Technology

An abrasion beach has a very serious impact on people’s lives and also on economic sustainibility. We can help repair or restore an abrasion of a beach by installing a breakwater structure and biorock method.