Webinar Ticket 9 June 2020 : Memulihkan Karang: Satu demi Satu


Dalam webinar berbahasa indonesia ini, anda akan mendengar kisah salah satu Biorock Gardener kami, yakni pejuang terumbu karang di garis terdepan. Komang adalah pemimpin tim yang merawat dan menumbuhkan karang di Desa Pemuteran, Bali. Desa ini dahulu adalah salah satu desa tertinggal, miskin, dan kering pada tahun 1990 an. Berkat kegigihan masyarakat desa Pemuteran, mereka melakukan rehabilitasi dan mempromosikan desa menjadi salah satu destinasi pilihan untuk wisata kelas dunia. Desa Pemuteran telah mendapatkan  penghargaan nasional dan internasional, antara lain UNDP Equator Awards, SKAL Awards, UNWTO, dan UNWTTC. Kaka SLANK telah mengunjungi pemuteran dan terlibat bersama para biorock gardener dalam merawat karang dan juga ia mengadopsi karang bersama istrinya. Kaka akan menceritakan kisahnya saat berpetualang di Pemuteran dan menyelam di Biorock garden.

Speakers: Komang Astika, Kaka “SLANK”

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All proceeds going to support Coral Reef Restoration in Indonesia

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Komang Astika
Komang is co-founder of Biorock Indonesia, a Dive Instructor, and Homestay Owner.
Komang started his career in the Diving Industry in 1998 and is a Scuba Diving Instructor for open water and advanced levels. His skills and knowledge of Biorock technology were acquired directly from Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau.
Currently, he is leading 3 people as Biorock Gardener in Pemuteran, Village, under The Karang Lestari Foundation. Komang’s expertise lies in the technical aspect of coral reef restoration and training the local team. He has managed over 20 Biorock projects in different locations. He has become a part of a community that understands the great impact of coral reef restoration to our marine ecosystem. Apart from his involvement with Biorock Indonesia, he also manages his own homestay which is close to a Biorock project in Pemuteran Village.

Kaka Slank
Kaka (Akhadi Wira Satriaji) is the lead vocalist of a legendary rock band in Indonesia, SLANK, with more than 30 years of the career journey. His music usually is the voice of youth, the marginal community, and critique of the Government or Injustice anywhere. Recently, he and his bandmate, Ridho, allied with former Minister of Marine Affair and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, in establishing a youth movement to support Marine Conservation with various Partners, in one movement: Pandu Laut (in English: Marine Scout). He is also a scuba diver and enjoys other extreme sports. He tries to make an environmental impact anywhere especially with his love and passion for the ocean.


Prawita Tasya Karissa

Tasya is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia. She has been involved with Biorock since 2003 when she got the opportunity to study the Biorock technology directly from the inventors, Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau. Her university thesis on Application of Biorock to Pearl Oyster Juvenile, Pinctada Maxima was presented worldwide during a conference organized by the Society Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico in 2011. Her research was also published in “Innovative Methods of Marine Restoration”. Apart from Biorock, she also has a strong background in climate change as she worked as a Consultant for Clean Development Mechanism for five years. She is also an expert in community involvement strategy and managing Non-Profit organizations. Tasya worked previously at the Child Protection NGO and Bird Conservation Foundation in administration and management capacities. Presently, she leads all Biorock Indonesia’s projects, in conjunction with her team and partners, from survey to planning and from installation to maintenance. Tasya is an advocate for women empowerment and equality. As a leader and a mother of three young children, she would sometimes carry her kids in her projects to involve them even at a very young age.


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