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In this webinar, you will learn what are the possible futures in medicine and meals from the ocean, if we restore and protect our ocean, start with creating a healthy marine ecosystem.

Dr. Noer will share the story and the journey of her work on marine products and used for human health, such as creating medicine and skin treatment. Her other work also involves identifying and finding active ingredients from seaweeds for application in the fishery industry and human health. She will provide enlightenment on the process of bio-marine product development and the economic value of the products & industry.

Dr. Hawis will share his story on how he led the business owner and fishermen of Blue Swimming Crab to create a strong network portfolio, including environmental compliance in the marine ecosystem and successfully establish market collaboration between Indonesian and the USA, thus blue swimming crab now become one of the leading products for the fishery industry in Indonesia. Dr. Hawis will also share his work as Marine Biologist and his role in co-creating a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community through the collection of e-DNA libraries of Indonesia marine biodiversity species.

Speakers: Noer Kasanah, Ph.D. and Dr. Hawis Madduppa

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Time: – Hawai’i – (June 5th), 4:00 PM, – US Pacific Time (June 5th), 7:00 PM, – US Mountain Time – (June 5th), 8:00 PM,– US Central Time (June 5th), 9:00 PM, – US Eastern Time (June 5th), 10:00 PM, – India (IST) – June 6th, 7:30 AM, – Nepal (NPT) – June 6th, 7:45 AM, – Indonesia WIB (Jakarta) June 5th, 9:00 AM, – Indonesia WITA (Bali) June 6th, 10:00 AM, – Guam – June 6th, 12:00 PM

All proceeds going to support Coral Reef Restoration in Indonesia

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Noer Kasanah, PhD

Dr. Noer is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Fishery, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University (UGM). She has more than a decade of experience in Marine Product Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Bioprospecting. She wrote a few books on Seaweed and Biotechnology, and dozens of Journal on Marine Active Ingredients and Its Applications. She won numerous international awards and scholarships for her degree until Postdoctoral and graduated from Oregon State University.  One of the highlights of her work is finding active ingredients for kids' cancer medicine and successfully leading her work and collaboration with a US hospital, the kids able to get benefit from the medicine she invented. She serves as Assistant Professor at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. 

Dr. Hawis Madduppa

Dr. Hawis Madduppa is a lecturer in the Department of Marine Science and Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He also serves as the Head of Marine Biodiversity and Biosystematics Laboratory. The doctor from the University of Bremen has a research focus in the areas of marine diversity and conservation, ecology, marine fish biology, rehabilitation and restoration of fish habitat, distribution of the marine environment, and the use of fish as biological indicators. As an academician, Dr. Hawis is active in various scientific communities, such as being a member of the Indonesian Academy of Young Scientists (ALMI), the Indonesian Coral Reef Society, the Indonesian Oceanology Association, and the Indonesian Biodiversity Association. He is also active in publications, noted the man who is now the Associate Professor (Associate Professor) has a Scopus H-index 7, namely with 43 publication documents, 163 citations, and 180 co-authors. In addition to publications, Dr. Hawis also authored several books, as well as many experiences as guest lecturers in various institutions.


Prawita Tasya Karissa

Tasya is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Biorock Indonesia. She has been involved with Biorock since 2003 when she got the opportunity to study the Biorock technology directly from the inventors, Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau. Her university thesis on Application of Biorock to Pearl Oyster Juvenile, Pinctada Maxima was presented worldwide during a conference organized by the Society Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico in 2011. Her research was also published in “Innovative Methods of Marine Restoration”. Apart from Biorock, she also has a strong background in climate change as she worked as a Consultant for Clean Development Mechanism for five years. She is also an expert in community involvement strategy and managing Non-Profit organizations. Tasya worked previously at the Child Protection NGO and Bird Conservation Foundation in administration and management capacities. Presently, she leads all Biorock Indonesia’s projects, in conjunction with her team and partners, from survey to planning and from installation to maintenance. Tasya is an advocate for women empowerment and equality. As a leader and a mother of three young children, she would sometimes carry her kids in her projects to involve them even at a very young age.

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