Help create a healthy marine ecosystem and strong community for now and generations to come.

Indonesia has the biggest coral species and is the 4th most populated country globally. But only a tiny part of coral reefs survive, and only a few people were helping coral reefs. But together, we can change that.

Whether you join us by giving or join The Reefs, our community of baby coral adopters, know that your generosity will move more people to bring back this beautiful underwater ecosystem so they can thrive in the future.



Two third of coral reefs in Indonesia are destroyed, making 33 million people struggling to live.

We’re on a mission to change that.

We believe restoring coral reef ecosystems is a long journey and can only be accomplished through collaboration and partnership. Along with implementing restoration projects, we work with communities, government, universities and private sectors, to create a sustainable cycle of impact through our Four Pillars of Work: science, conservation, economic catalyzation and advocacy.


People engaged in coral restoration and shore protection


Square kilometres area of coral restoration


Kilometers of beach restored from erosion


Villages/ Island in Indonesia

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Alexandra Cousteau

It was the first time i’ve ever actually been to Biorock Indonesia and it’s tremendously exciting moment for me to see the 20 years of hardwork that’ve gone in to restoring this reefs and the amazing diversity of life that is already colonized the Biorocks. There was just so much to see and learning about how it brought the community together and generate it and motivated tourism to this resort and others surrounded it’s just a wonderful project. I really excited and inspired and honored to had a chance to visit. Obviously Biorock is something that people should take the time to see and making the tour to come here and see it because it were so much the extraordinary coral reefs and what it is how beautiful it is and how diverse it is.

Alexandra Cousteau