Coral transplantation, Restoring Seabed Beauty

Written by Biorock Indonesia

Mar 21st, 2016


BALI, – Transplantation of coral reefs has become a powerful way to restore the beauty of the underwater damaged by over-exploitation. In addition to being beautiful and attracting tourists, healthy reefs also restore balance to the ecosystem.

To achieve our goals in the waters of Pemuteran, Bali, back we installed Biorock back “planted” reefs. Pemuteran planted four structures in the form of letters A, N, Z, and the company’s logo ANZ. Each structure measuring approximately 2 x 2 meters and a height of 75 cm.

Pieces of hard coral were then to tied each structure. The Biorock method is unique because the entire structure is electrified with the power of 12 volts. The voltage increases coral growth faster than natural growth.

“Natural growth of hard corals is approximately one centimeter per year. Biorock methods have proven to be six times faster, allowing corals to grow up to six centimeters per year.

Soft coral grow more quickly, “said Komang Astika director of the Biorock Karang Lestari Foundation.

Around the ANZ structure, there are 72 other Biorock structures in various designs spread over an area of ​​2 hectares. The structures are overgrown with various types of hard and soft corals in variety of vibrant colors.

ANZ Retail Banking Director Anthony Soewandy said, corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the form of Biorock was in line with the theme of government bonds (ORI 009), namely Indonesia Green Me. The bond sales in less then two weeks for ANZ has exceeded the initial target of Rp 397 billion to Rp 558 billion.

“We are recognized as the top five sellers in the market. To further our commitment to the environment, we are proud to take part in the restoration of coral reefs that can stimulate the recovery of damaged reefs in Bali,” said Anthony.

Briem Samodra Head Marketing Promotion DiveMag said, in addition to the company, it encourages the tourism business, central and local governments, as well as the environmental community can contribute to Biorock.

“Through Biorock, we hope that people can understand the importance of coral reefs as living beings that need to be preserved for the future life of the next generation,” said Briem.

Author : Sandro Slot

Editor : A. Wisnubrata

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