Biorock in Buleleng

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Mar 21st, 2016

Announcers: By I Made Tirthayasa

Singaraja (ANTARA) – The government of Buleleng applying technology “Biorock” to conserve coral reefs in the waters of the northern island of Bali. “In addition to Biorock technology, we also perform transplantation techniques and planting artificial reefs. However, we remain focused on Biorock technology applications,” said Head of Fisheries and Marine Buleleng, Nyoman Sutrisna, in Singaraja on Tuesday.

He explained that the technology Biorock is a process of electro mineral deposits that took place in the sea. Diskanla placed two electrodes in the bottom of the sea through low-voltage electrolysis process that is safe and allows minerals in seawater crystallize above the electrodes.

For now, the technology was applied in the marine waters of Pemuteran village. “Biorock beratraksi it could be a place for tourists who love to dive. Later we will post Biorock Lovina Beach and Les,” said Sutrisna.

He added that Biorock can stimulate biodiversity and reduce the impact of erosion is a serious threat to coral reefs.

Anak Agung Prana as the preserver of the coral reefs in the waters of Pemuteran village recognizes that the success rate is very high Biorock technology. (M038)

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