Archipelagic and island States forum is a platform, designed to include island states and archipelagic countries regardless of their region, size, and development level. This forum will create a unique grouping of nations, taking part in a collective forum addressing challenges of ocean resource usage for sustainable economic growth, climate change resiliency, ocean pollution, emergency management, and the enhancement of sustainable fisheries.

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1st Plenary - Session 2: The Future of Marine Ecotourism

Marine ecotourism is one segment of the ecotourism industry that is experiencing a period of growth through the realization of the blue economy and the potential for sustained expansion in a sustainable manner by coordinating development across maritime sectors. 

The focus of this session is to discuss the expansion of marine ecotourism as a path towards a sustainable future with equitable distribution of resources and responsibilities through peaceful partnership and the pursuance of the blue economy and associated development frameworks.

Mr. Thomas Goreau of Global Coral Reef Alliance will be attending the plenary as one of the speakers. 

4th Plenary - Session 1: AI & Technology for the Blue Economy

The volume of data generated globally doubles every two years as information pours in from a variety of digital platforms, including from ocean related monitoring and the development of the blue economy.

To overcome the issue of analyzing the deluge of data collected and archived from blue economy related activities, artificial intelligence (AI) is being operationalized as an analysis tool that can aid in the management and streamlining of maritime industries.

This session will discuss how AI and technology utilized for the blue economy are critical tools that are continually being adapted for effective monitoring and management of maritime industries, including marine ecotourism’s responsible development worldwide.

Our own Director, P. Tasya Karissa, will be the facilitator of this plenary session.

Biorock® Impact Tour at Gangga Island

Biorock Indonesia has almost 20 years of experience in this area of coral reef conservation and we strive to introduce our technology and raise awareness of general public by giving the direct experience through this tour.

What’s in this tour?
a. Biorock Introduction
Biorock® Technology is a tried and tested cost effective method for coral restoration and preservation. In this course, each participant will understand the full cycle and complete process of restoring coral reefs using the Biorock® Technology. This one day course shall be conducted by the co-creator of the technology itself, Thomas Goreau, and Biorock Indonesia’s experts.

Speakers: Dr. Thomas J. Goreau (Biorock® Technology Expert) & Piet Paulus Prong (Biorock® Shore Protection Expert).

b. Biorock Tour
Gangga Island is the initial shore protection project in Indonesia. Experiencing abrasion due to the rising of sea level and big waves, the technology was applied to help Gangga Island Resort and Spa restoring their shore line. Biorock® provides the ideal breakwater material because it grows stronger with age and repairs itself if damaged by heavy waves. This tour will introduce how the technology works and its maintenance process, while sightseeing and exploring the beauty of Gangga Island.

c. Recommendations
 Participants are in a group, consist of at least 15 persons.
 It is recommended to attend the previous Biorock Workshop in AIS SBS 2019.
 All participants possess health & travel insurance.
 All participants healthy and comfortable with water/marine/outdoor activity.
 All participants prepare their own equipment (swimming/snorkeling suit, towels, hats, sunglasses, sun blocks, etc.)
 All participants agree to appreciate the rules and code of conduct as explain by their guides or instructors.

d. Trip Date
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
All activities involve snorkeling in the open water. So be prepared to enjoy the sun and be wet!

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Sustainable Marine Ecotourism Workshop at AIS SBS 2019

Seminar activities that discuss how Biorock Indonesia can help 25 participating countries in addressing environmental and climate change issues in their respective countries, as well as introducing the concept of Sustainable Ecotourism as a way to overcome the impacts arising from existing environmental issues. Ecotourism as a more sustainable alternative, provides tangible benefits to local communities and helps preserve local wisdom. Therefore, ecotourism needs to be supported and developed.

Speakers: Prawita Tasya Karissa & Ricky Soerapoetra

Benefits of Attending
25 Participating Countries understand the expertise of Biorock Indonesia on helping them to live prosperously and grow sustainably and at the same time add more efforts to survive the threats that include climate change.

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