PRAWITA TASYA KARISSA I Director of Biorock Indonesia

Tasya has been involved with Biorock since 2003 when she got the opportunity to study the Biorock technology directly from the inventors,  Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau. Her university thesis on Application of Biorock to Pearl Oyster Juvenile, Pinctada Maxima was presented worldwide during a conference organized by the Society Ecological Restoration in Merida, Mexico in 2011. Her research was also published in “Innovative Methods of Marine Restoration”.

Apart from Biorock, she also has a strong background in climate change as she worked as a Consultant for Clean Development Mechanism for five years. She is also an expert in community involvement strategy and managing Non-Profit organizations. Tasya worked previously at the Child Protection NGO and Bird Conservation Foundation in administration and management capacities. Presently, she leads all Biorock Indonesia’s projects, in conjunction with her team and partners, from survey to planning and from installation to maintenance.

Tasya is an advocate for women empowerment and equality. As a leader and a mother of two young children, she would sometimes carry her kids in her projects to involve them even at a very young age.

RICKY SOERAPOETRA I Jakarta Representative & Project Development Manager

Ricky is a Dive Instructor, an entrepreneur, and the CEO Of Indonesian Divers Community. He has been an active member of youth and environmental associations.

As Jakarta Representative and Project Development Manager, Ricky helps Biorock Indonesia partners based in Jakarta to perform collaboration on projects and activities.


KOMANG ASTIKA I Board of Expert

Komang started his career in the Diving Industry in 1998 and is a Scuba Diving Instructor for open water and advance levels. His skills and knowledge on Biorock technology were acquired directly from Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau.

Currently, he is working as a Project Manager based in Pemuteran’s Biorock Centre, leading 3 teams. Komang’s expertise lies on the technical aspect of coral reef restoration and training the local team. He has managed over 20 Biorock projects in different locations. He has become a part of a community who understands the great impact of coral reef restoration to our marine ecosystem.

Apart from his involvement with Biorock Indonesia, he also manages his own homestay which is close to a Biorock project in Pemuteran Village.

DR. HAWIS MADDUPPA I Board of Expert

Hawis is a researcher, a lecturer, and an External Collaboration Affair in Bogor Agricultural University. He has been an active member of marine-related associations such as Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association, Whale Shark Indonesia, and Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures.

Hawis leads and supervises all Biorock’s research activities in Indonesia. He also serves as the liaison on the collaboration projects between Biorock Indonesia and the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries.

BEGINER SUBHAN I Board of Expert

Begin is a Marine Biology Lecturer and Researcher from Bogor Agricultural University. He is one of two trainers in Indonesia for Coral Identification Method using Coral Finder or Coral ID.

Currently, Begin is actively engaged in Scientific Diving campaign, a program encouraging the use of  Scuba Diving skills for scientific activities. He is also responsible for the design, analysis and publication of scientific research on Biorock Projects.



Rama is the first Indonesian student to have conducted a study on Biorock/ Mineral Accretion in 2003. He set up a Biorock research project in Pramuka Island and Seribu Island with his classmates while attending university. Currently, he provides other organizations hands-on training on how to apply the Biorock method on their restoration projects.

Rama is an experienced photographer and videographer. He imparts these skills by training interested members of local communities to voice their stories. Rama is based in Biorock Indonesia’s representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia.


PAULUS PRONG I Board of Expert

Paulus is a Scuba Diving Instructor for open water and advanced levels. His involvement with Biorock started when he attended a workshop held in 2010. He is an expert on the technical aspect of Shore Protection. He is the manager for Gangga Island Project and is developing a new site in Raja Ampat, Papua.

Paulus is a son of a traditional fisherman in North Sulawesi and has a vivid memory of the direct impact of coral destruction on the livelihood of his family. Having the first-hand experience of coral reef destruction, he could effectively communicate with the local community to gain their support and involvement in our restoration programs.

DR. THOMAS J. GOREAU I Co-Inventor and Board of Expert

Tom is the surviving co-inventor of Biorock(R) or Mineral Accretion technology. He presently holds the position of President of Global Coral Reef Alliance and Biorock Technology Inc. He has traveled around the world to introduce and apply the Biorock technology as the most effective method for coral reef preservation.

Tom has been involved in Biorock application in Indonesia since 2000. His expertise on coral reef preservation and superior knowledge of the use of this technology is applied to all Biorock projects in Indonesia.