6 reasons why Biorock is more desirable than other methods

Written by Biorock Indonesia

Dec 28th, 2018

According to the large Indonesian language dictionary (Kbbi), “rehabilitation” means the restoration of position (country name) first (original). But sadly, in the context of rehabilitation of coral reefs, translate coral transplants only. If it is actually broader.

Biorock methods differ due to the following factors:

  1. may be applied in many environmental conditions

If the second method of finding environmental conditions is still very good, the second case in the Biorock method. Biorock can be applied to the environment, the state of the water is suspicious or bersedimentasi. Biorock can also put a close settlement or that much though, because the process of rehabilitation Biorocki Riffe, managers and local communities participated. So, despite their location away from settlements, there is a team of experts to secure Biorock volunteers who constantly monitor the rehabilitation process. In addition to the success of rehabilitation, local people are also equipped with the perception of coral reefs that increase their awareness of the importance of living things.

  1. Measured parameters Success

Initially, the conventional migration method developed by the cultivated reefs business. Due to increased demand, the new coral growing last directly claimed can be applied to rehabilitation in a larger scale and in relatively longer time. Often there is no evidence of his justice.

With Biorock, the success of rehabilitation can be determined only a few months away and the program focused on sustainability (sustainability) in the long run, as community-based management. In addition, this method allows corals to grow healthier and faster to large scales and for a long period of time, the percentage of success is higher.

  1. Effective

If the second method requires that a healthy environment and good water to succeed, the Biorock method can be applied to the condition and the location quality is below average. Additionally, this method proved to be more effective in cultivating a Reef by creating conditions that allow coral more “bulletproof” at high temperatures, environmental bersedimen or when pollution increases.

  1. Relatively short recovery time

Biorock structures are growing in Coral 2-6 times faster than in its natural condition. The results of this Reef rehabilitation are more light colored with branches. The damaged reefs returns 20 times faster and has Live odds of 50 times more even out of the high temperature conditions.

  1. Easter Maintenance Repair

The process of rehabilitation with other methods usually lasts only briefly after the end. So the euphoria is over, usually the Reef remains and does not listen even some corals are missing or dead without a note.

The Biorock method is used to monitor at regular intervals so that the coral reefs are not adversely affected. If damage caused by natural factors is quickly known because many pengawasannya persons involved.

  1. Detailed budget

Both conventional transplant and rehabilitation Biorock method-both of which could cost a bit. But over Biorock lies different considerations in aspects of rehabilitation, so it is simple budget calculations in the beginning.

Normally, the only other method to calculate operating costs (technical installation of transplantation) that seems cheaper. But there are a lot of extra costs that must emerge after the process is completed, as the cost of maintenance and so on.

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