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Our Dream is that All Community in Coastal and Remote Islands able to Restore their coral reefs and beaches using Biorock Technology

More than one third of coral reefs and beaches in Indonesia are destroyed, affecting millions of people living in coastal areas and remote islands. Naturally, it will need decades, hundreds, and thousands years until coral reefs are fully recovered. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how

1. Partnering with Local Community

2. Apply Biorock Technology

3. Sustainable Strategy

Our Latest Story

Women: The Answer to All Sustainable Development Goals

Written by Prawita Tasya Karissa Executive Director and Co-Founder Biorock IndonesiaIf you a woman, or you live with a woman, perhaps you heard these dialogues many times."My family prefer a son than a daughter." "I want to pursue my dream, but my parents forced me to...

Biorock beach regeneration expands

Thomas J. F. Goreau, PhDPresident, Global Coral Reef AllianceScientific Advisor, Biorock IndonesiaThe severely eroded beach at Pulau Gangga Resort, North Sulawesi, Indonesia that was naturally regenerated at record rates with Biorock Anti Wave (BAW) reefs (Goreau...

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